Fenomenologi Pandemic Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) bagi Perilaku Masyarakat di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Tosiba Kecamatan Samaturu Kabupaten Kolaka

  • Sentosa Sentosa Stikes Karya Kesehatan Kendari
  • Mien Mien Prodi S1 Keperawatan STIKES Karya Kesehatan
  • Jenny Qlifianti Prodi S1 Gizi STIKES Karya Kesehatan
Keywords: covid-19, Knowledge, Attitude


The main spread of Covid-19 is from humans to other humans, namely the air when someone sneezes or coughs, whether directly or indirectly. Clinical symptoms that are often complained of by Covid-19 sufferers are dry cough, fever and fatigue, but sometimes they don't show symptoms. The purpose of this research is to know the phenomenology of pandemic corona virus disease (covid-19) for people's behavior in the working area of the Tosiba Health Center. In this study, the type of research was used, namely qualitative research which was designed in a descriptive manner which was carried out at the Tosiba Public Health Center in May-June 2022 involving 6 participants. Withdrawal of samples using purposive sampling technique. The data were analyzed using taxonomic analysis using data verification namely data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results of the research, namely the knowledge and attitudes of the community regarding the pandemic corona virus disease (covid-19) for the community in the Tosiba Health Center work area are good.