Nurse's Experience While Caring for Covid-19 Patients at Kendari City Hospital in 2022

  • Kasiman Sya Nursing Science Program, STIKes Karya Kesehatan, Indonesia
  • Tahiruddin Tahiruddin Nursing Science Program, STIKes Karya Kesehatan, Indonesia
  • Siti Umrana Stikes Karya Kesehatan
Keywords: experience, nurses, covid-19.


Abstract. The Coronavirus disease has caused fear and tension globally since the pandemic started. The increasing number of cases with high mortality is of course very stressful, especially for medical nurses who are at the forefront of dealing with cases of the world-scale Corona virus pandemic. The purpose for this research is to investigate the meeting of medical nurses while really focusing on Corona virus patients at Kendari City Hospital. The type of research used is phenomenological research. This research was carried out at the Kendari City Hospital in August 2022 involving 6 participants who used a purposive sampling technique. The triangulation used is data and research triangulation. The results of the study found that the theme of the nurse's experience in the ups and downs category showed that the nurse's care that was expressed was when wearing personal protective equipment, unable to meet with family for a very long time while the joy was that with this pandemic nurses gained new knowledge and experience.Furthermore, the category that causes stress is the problem of using PPE (personal protective equipment) due to difficulty breathing, overheating and dehydration, in the category of how to reduce anxiety, namely nurses by praying a lot and chatting with other nurses, in the category of how to adapt, namely by obeying SOPs to be protected from being infected with covid 19. Furthermore, the category of using PPE for nurses stated that they were less comfortable in using personal protective equipment, while in the category of expectations, nurses while caring for Covid-19 patients wanted the pandemic to end soon and the welfare of nurses to remain a priority as well as the hopes of other nurses so that all elements of the community still adhere to the appropriate health protocol. standard operating procedures (SOP). It was concluded that nurses gain new knowledge and experience. It is recommended to improve the quality of nurses when providing services during the Coronavirus pandemic, emphasizing the importance for nurses to receive clear and up-to-date information about best practices in nursing care, prevention and control of Coronavirus infection.