KLASICS Call For Reviewers: Kendari Journal of Maritime and Holistic Nursing published by LPPM STIKes Karya Kesehatan invited researchers, lecturers and scholars from the field of Mental Health Nursing to participate in the peer review of the Nursing Journal (https: //stikesks-kendari.e

The requirements to become a KLASICS reviewer are:
1. Masters in Health Nursing Specialists or Doctors in the fields of Nursing, Health and related matters
2. Have a Google Scholar and Scopus account
3. Has the publication of articles that have been listed on Google Scholar
4. Fill out the willingness form to be a Reviewer on the following link:

Benefits of being a Reviewer:
1. Nursing Journal Review Certificate
2. Decree of the Chair of STIKes Karya Kesehatan regarding the appointment as a Reviewer

We await the participation of colleagues

Best Regard,

Diah Indriastuti, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep
Editor in chief