Hubungan Pengetahuan Tentang Covid-19 Dengan Kepatuhan Protokol Kesehatan pada Siswa Kelas XI

  • Henny Rachmawati Tamburaka program studi S1 keperawatan STIKes Karya Kesehatan
  • Siti Umrana DIII Keperawatan Stikes Karya Kesehatan Kendari
  • Muhaimin Saranani Poltekes Kemenkes Kendari


Absctract Crisis Center of Indonesian Ministry of Health stated that until April 2022 in Southeast Sulawesi Province, 25,550 people were confirmed positive for Covid-19 with 565 cases of death, in Konawe Selatan Regency there were 1,261 people with Covid-19 with 35 deaths. The increase in Covid-19 instances can be prevented if the community has a good understanding and knowledge, especially in the youth group, knowledge about Covid-19 is interpreted as a result of knowing from the public about the disease, how to prevent, treat and complications that may occur after exposure to a disease. The purpose of the study was to determine the relationship between knowledge and adherence to the Covid-19 health protocol in class XI students at SMA Negeri 8 Konawe Selatan. This type of research is quantitative with a cross-sectional study design with a sample of 66 students. The results of the study describe students' knowledge of covid-19 in the good category as many as 54 people (54%) and the category of lack of knowledge about covid-19 as many as 12 people (18.2%). Adherence to the health protocol in the obedient category was 21 people (31.8%) and the less compliant category was 45 people (68.2%). The results of the statistical test obtained a p value = 0.4 (> 0.05) meaning that there was no relationship between knowledge about COVID-19 and student compliance with health protocols. It is recommended to the school that before starting the learning process always remind students about covid-19 and compliance with post-pandemic health protocols according to government instructions as a form of joint vigilance.