Hubungan Respon Time Perawat dengan Kepercayaan Keluarga Pasien Triase Kuning di Ruang Instalasi Gawat Darurat

  • Iskandar Harun Pratama STIKES Karya Kesehatan
  • I Wayan Romantika Prodi S1 Keperawatan STIKES Karya Kesehatan
  • Elyani Abadi Prodi S1 Gizi STIKES Karya Kesehatan


Response time is the speed in handling patients, calculated from the time the patient arrives until the nurse responds. In conducting emergency services, triage is carried out to determine patient priority needs. This study aims to determine the relationship between nurse response time and family trust of yellow triage patients. This research was conducted with a cross sectional study approach. The population in this study were all patient families who came to visit the Emergency Unit with a total population of 30 families of yellow triage patients with a total sample of 30 people who were taken using the total sampling technique. The research variables were Response Time and Family Trust. The results showed most of the response time in the fast category was 18 people (60.0%), most of the respondents believed in nurses in providing services, namely 17 people (56.7%) and there was a strong enough relationship between the response time of nurses and the level of family trust of the triage patient. yellow with p value = 0.004. The suggestion in this research is that the hospital formulates policies in order to increase patient and family trust in hospital services.